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InterRegio Forum Association

About us:

The InterRegio Forum Association is a Budapest-based NGO, founded in 1997. Ever since then, we have been working on the elaboration and on the spreading of ICT-based, innovative best practices, mostly in the Danube Region.

Who we are?

Our group of experts is composed of senior and junior economists, sociologists, experts of international relations, anthropologists, acting teachers and IT professionals, who are sharing our believes in an evolving education.

Our main focus areas are the followings:

  • efficient use of the mobile devices and the social networks in education;
  • preservation of the cultural heritage and the development of the cultural tourism;
  • strengthening of entrepreneurship in the above mentioned areas.

With more than 20 years of experience, we excel in these areas, but we are also open to learn new practices every day. And we are more than happy to share.

Our working principles are

  • to use the comparative advantages offered by the cross-border and the regional cooperation,
  • to encourage the cross-border cooperation amongst non-profit organizations and educational institutions,
  • to contribute to the spreading of best practices and to the strengthening of the innovation capacity,
  • to promote the use of the innovative educational tools in primary-, secondary-, higher- and in vocational education, we also work for the strengthening of entrepreneurship in these areas.
About our projects:

We have ongoing projects for the use of the modern solutions in the preservation of cultural heritage, regarded as a resource of the sustainable tourism as well. In the previous year we carried-out several individual, successful researches in such topics like hubs for youth entrepreneurship. We have been involved in projects, for example, where the main goal was to create an experimental methodology which supports the prevention of dropping out of the young students from the school system. We have been also involved in projects where we used our knowledge to create an educational methodology and a tool, tailored for students with various special needs in order to help their learning process to develop and their understanding of the world to grow.

Should you be interested in more: our previous projects, including our experiences in EU financed cross-border ones, are presented on our web-page.

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