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Public University of Ptuj

About us:
Ptuj has a long tradition in providing adult education, with strong roots reaching back to the year 1925, when the first courses for adults started. Officially, the Public University of Ptuj (then named Worker's University) was established on 23th of July 1959.

Adult education at the Public University of Ptuj consists of six fields, namely:

  • Formal education from primary school to the faculty education.
  • Non-formal publicly recognized educational programmes
  • Vocational trainings
  • Non-formal education
  • Adult education activities in the national interest
  • Professional assistance to participants through Guidance Centre Ptuj.
Public University of Ptuj is also strongly active in:
  • international projects, where we are applying for the EU founds either as a leading partner or as a project partner under the leadership of partner from another EU country.
To disseminate new paths to knowledge for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Expertise, professionalism, quality, reputation, responsibility Efficiency, innovation, boldness, creativity Honesty, tolerance, reliability, respect Cosmopolitanism

Our mission is adult education and counselling. Using rich experience and expertise of our employees, we manage to motivate and monitor participants on their path to success, to encourage and make them believe in the importance of lifelong learning. We strive to offer a wide choice of programmes, depending on the current demand and taking into account future trends.

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