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Meet successful young NEETs from MRE KIMM Drug Treatment Center in Hungary

The mission of the Reformed Church in Hungary’s, Mission for Saving Lost Youth Drug Treatment Center -"Tinirehab", is to show young people, in the bondage of various addictions, that sobriety is a tool for building a more fulfilling life.
Mentors at Tinirehab are working hard to accompany lost youth through a difficult phase of their lives. One of our IPS counsellor does service at Tinirehab as a mentor. Thanks to the application of the IPS method, she has successfully helped several NEETs to find their place in life. One of her patronised NEETs went back to school to finish his last year, while he was improving himself in other areas as well. He completed a skydiving course and works as a casual employee in his mother's interior design company. He will also start a graphic design course and plans to apply for a full-time job as a graphic designer after graduation. His relationships with his family has settled. As he has been skydiving regularly, he also established new and decisive friendships. Another mentee of her got a full-time job as a carpenter and plaster boarder and he loves his work which is a great success. Besides work, it is important that other areas of his life have also been settled: currently he has a supported housing and lives in a happy relationship with his girlfriend.
Congrats to both of them!

Meet Dorijan

Dorijan is our first story of success to be shared with you.
Dorijan, as many other participants visited LJUDSKA UNIVERZA PTUJ for professional career guidance, where he met our IPS counsellor. Before joining the counselling sessions, he was indecisive about his career path. After the first visit of the counsellor, a draft of his career plan and action plan were created and he immediately started working towards his financial and social independence. His action plan contained a detailed plan that was based on his preferences and wishes. After less than 3 months, Dorijan decided to finish missing university exams to obtain a degree in Computer Science and Information Technologies at the University of Maribor. While studying Dorijan applied for a temporary job in the regional family centre and he got the job! There he, among other administrative work, offers help to seniors with information technology devices.
Dorijan great job and good luck on your feature endeavours!

Sometimes you just know…

Since the first visit, our Slovenian IPS consultant knew that her next client will be another story of success.
Gorazd was one of the most cooperative, flexible, and eager to change his life course clients' that came seeking for guidance. Our IPS Consultant and Gorazd formulated his action plan at the very beginning of their counselling sessions. A very well-prepared action plan and well-defined goals, with some encouragement from his IPS consultant, lead Gorazd on his way to complete his missing exams from the Faculty of Education. As a student, Gorazd also got the opportunity to work at the Centre of Interest Activities, which he accepted.
Congratulations Gorazd! We are very proud of you.
Your IPS4NEETs Team

Adelina's story speaks for itself...

"From May 2021 I was presented with the opportunity to engage myself in Organizatia EIVA program IPS4NEETs by a teacher from the high school I’ve graduated from. It was a challenge for me because I had never participated in a similar activity before. This experience is very beneficial because it helps me to develop my communication skills and makes me responsible, as every meeting and activity has a positive impact on me. "
Dear Adelina, we are more than happy to have you in our program!
Your IPS4NEETs Team

Another beautiful story of success from the IPS4NEETs project
Congratulations Mia!

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