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COVID-19: NEETs are hit the hardest

With the slow return of lives to the old rails, we begin to face extensive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following crisis does not choose its victims and could cause long-term damage to the most vulnerable groups, if not dealt properly. NEET population is without a doubt one of the most vulnerable group populations that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. NEETs are hit the hardest. Increased mental stress and anxiety from job loss are just some of the many consequences that rises among NEETs nowadays because of the ongoing crisis. IPS4NEETs countries – Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, and Norway, share very similar or practically the same problems regarding job losses. The percentage of job losses in March and April, doubled or even tripled compared to the previous months. IPS model is now needed even more than before. With IPS methodology and fully trained coaches we are staying positive and look forward to the future to help as many NEETs as will seek for our help.

Overview of the situation by countries involved in IPS4NEETs

In Slovenia, in last month 7,848 unemployed people were newly registered in the unemployment register, which is 51.7 percent more than in February and 56.2 percent more than in March last year. In Romania, according to the latest projections, the total number of job losses could rise to 1 million. In Hungary, the overall unemployment rate could be around 7-10 %, compared to the average of previous years - 3,5 %. The situation is similar in Spain where the unemployment rate rises to 15,6 % of the entire workforce, estimated unemployment rate pre-COVID-19 situation was 13,7 %. According to the latest available statistics, in Norway in some sectors, the unemployment rate increased tenfold, whereas the overall percentage of the unemployed population is 8,8 %.

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